mod &mini rules
MODIFIED RULES AND MINI CAR- Any car of any year. No trucks,jeeps,hearses,limousines,suicide lincolns,pinto,pacers,spirits,grimlins,imperial sub frames or imperials. Any 2003 and newer cars are allowed to run but must follow the rules. If you have one read these rules. You are allowed to put a new motor cradle under them but do not go crazy on doing this. That means do not go overboard on building one or you will not pass inspection.  FRAME- You are allowed to weld from a-arm forward. Top seem only. You are allowed to negative bend the frame at the Z box and reweld it back. No added steal. You are allowed to add up to 8 plates to a pre-run car where it has bent but if it don't look bent you will cut them off. Plate size is 4"tall 6"wide and 1/4"thick only. If you have a rusted out frame you can patch it but must leave rust in place and drill a 3/8"hole in the plate.If it don't look like it's rusted out then you will cut it off. FRONT BUMPER- You can weld it solid to the frame with shock still attached but can not be no longer then 12" long. If you don't have a shock canister you can weld a plate on the outside of the frame 4"wide by 12"long from the back of the bumper towards the A-arm no longer or you will cut. No home made pointy bumpers. BODY- Must have a bar,chain or wire in windshield. Must have a 15"by 15" number plate on top of car. All body bolts can be changed up to 1" althread with 1 1/2" spacer in between body and frame. HOOD- 6 total bolts in hood. Must have two 4" holes in hood in case of fire. You are allowed up to 10 screws in hood to hold hood braces together up to 1/4" in size. 6 fender bolts above each wheel up to 1/2" in size. DOORS- They can be welded up solid. TRUNK- 6 total bolts or welded straps no longer then 5" long on the trunk and must have a 4" hole in the trunk. CAGE- You must have a full cage with role over bar and gas tank protector. Gas tank protector can only be 24"wide and has to be 2" from speaker deck wall. Front down tubes must be 6" behind Z box. You are allowed 4 down tubes only. Door bar can only be 16" back from the back of front seat. Any break or cluch petal that is aftermarket must be bolted to sheet metal and not the frame or welded to the cage. Unlimited number 9 wire. BATTERY- Only one auto battery per car and must be mounted in front floor board with a cover over it. MOTOR- Any motor or transmission is allowed. Motor cradle and DP is allowed but firewall has to be cut out 3" from each side of DP. Dash bar has to be at least 8" from DP. Tranny braces are allowed but must cut slices in floor pan. Transmission cross member can be home made from angle iron,C-channel or square tubing. 2"by 2" only and tranny mount has to be a stock rubber mount or floating on cross member. Can not be bolted or welded solid to cross member. REAR-END- You are allowed any rear end up to a 3/4 ton with a brace. STEERING- Must be OEM steering no home made tie-rod ends or ball joints. The center of the tie-rods can be solid or modified and stiffness of the suspension is up to you drivers. Must have working breaks. Drivers must be 16 years of age or older. A-ARMS- You are allowed 2 straps per side from a-arm to frame to get your height. Straps can be 2"wide and 5"long. MINI CAR CLASS- 108" wheel bace cars only.V6 OR SMALLER MOTORS. ALL INSPECTORS DECISIONS ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS. ONLY DRIVERS AT INSPECTION. IF U HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CALL 573-247-4916.
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