stock class rules
                              FFT-FLOWERS FULL THROTTLE
STOCK CLASS-Any year car. If u have a 2003 and newer it has to be all factory motor cradle and steering. Can not change any of it. All passenger cars and wagons only. No limousines,imperial,suicide lincoln's,pacers,pintos or hearses. All cars must be striped clean of all glass,carpet,plastic,ect. Gas tanks must be removed from under the car. BODY- You are allowed 2 pieces of althread up to 1" in the hood. You are allowed 2 pieces up to 1" in the trunk. Must have a spacer in between body and frame. All other body bolts must stay factory with factory body mounts. If one is rusted out or missing you may replace it with a factory size bolt or spacer with factory size washer. Nothing Bigger. The hood can have 4 more spots of wire,chain or bolts to hold it down. No bigger then 1/2" bolts. The same on the trunk as the hood. Trunk and hood must stay in factory location. And must have 2 holes cut out at least 4" wide in trunk and hood.  DOORS- You can weld the driver and riders door solid. the back two doors on a passenger car ONLY needs 3 straps 3" long and 2" wide Only. You are allowed up to 4 bolts up to 1/2" In each fender above the wheels to hold sheet metal up off your tires. FRAME- A fresh car SHOULD NOT have no welding on it but factory weld only. If you have a pre-run car you are allowed up to 6 pieces of repair plate. The plate size is 4" wide by 6" long by 1/4" thick only No Bigger then that. But if you put a plate on the bent part of frame it better be bent or you will cut it off. The same on a rusted patch.  You can repair rusted out spot to on a fresh or pre-run car but must leave rust in-place and drill a 3/8" hole in the plate. You are allowed a chain or wire behind the rear-end from frame rail to frame rail. BUMPERS- They can be welded to the frame solid. Do not hard-nose any car beyond the front body mount. If u use the factory bunper bracket it has to stay in factory position and can not be moved or welded to side of the frame. Must be bolted only. You can weld the bumper to the bracket or the frame. Any car bumper on any car. It can be welded or a stuffed bumper. Can not be a home-made pointed bumper. CAGE- You have to have a full cage in the car. With a role over bar welded to the cage. You are allowed to have 4 down tubes off the cage to frame and welded to frame. Front down tubes must be 6" from Z box on fords or front arch on GM cars. The door bars can not be no longer then 16" behide the back of the front seat.  Must have a gas tank protector. Protector must be welded to back seat bar and can go back to 2" from speaker deck but speaker deck body must be in factory position not beated back to frame. If it is a fresh car. The gas tank protector can only be 24" wide. REAR END- Must be a stock car rear end only. No bracing on the rear end. No aftermarket axles.  DRIVE SHAFT- No PTO drive shafts. Must be factory car drive shaft only no truck drive shafts. TRANSMISSION-No transmission protectors. Must be automatic transmission or three-speed only. No truck four speeds. Cross members can be home made. They can be made of angle iron,c-channel or square tubing. No bigger then 2"x2". Transmission mount must be a stock rubber mount only. You are allowed to have a transmission cooler.  MOTOR- No motor cradles or DP. Any motor in any car but must be in stock position. Motor mounts must be stock no aftermarket mounts. SUSPENSION- Stiffness of suspension is up to the drivers but must not be welded in any way. STEERING COLUMN- Can be after market. Tie rods and ball joints must be the factory ones that was on that car. RADIATOR- Must be in stock position. Any radiator can be used in any car. MUST have a bar,chain or wire in the windshield area. BATTERY- Any kind of auto battery can be used but must be securely mounted and a cover over it. If you have a electric fuel pump you must have a power switch easy to get to in case of a fire. MUST HAVE A NUMBER SIGN ON ROOF. MUST HAVE WORKING BREAKS. MUST HAVE A GOOD FUEL CELL OR BOAT TANK WITH NO LEAKS. If u use factory tank it must be in the back seat area securely bolted or straped down with a piece of heavy rubber floor mat or mud flap under it. Headers are allowed. ALL DRIVERS MUST SIGN IN BEFORE INSPECTION. IF YOUR CAR DOES NOT PASS INSPECTION YOU WILL BE ASKED TO FIX IT OR LOAD IT SO BUILD IT TO THE RULES. ALL INSPECTORS DECISIONS ARE FINAL!!!!!! NO REFUNDS. DRIVERS ONLY AT INSPECTION. If you have any questions you can call 573-247-4916.
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